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Friday, 27 February 2009 00:08

In the beginning of 2007 we started to deal with old and contemporary photographs and rarities. There wasn?t any similar gallery here in Hungary in contrast to the western countries where photography is recognized as an art form.

The gallery deals with photographs in contractual form from hungarian and foreign photographers. These photographs are small-circulation (max 10 copies) artworks justified with a certificate from the artist. Beyond the photograph?s trading we organize photo auctions (online and traditional too) with growing success.
With these above the gallery serves dual-purpose:
              - on the one hand treats photography as a piece of art
              - on the other hand ensures the offer for the customers who are more demanding than choose from    large-circulation prints or can?t afford an expensive painting

Our experince shows that this market changes continuously and the photograph recognized as a piece of art by now. The gallery organizes exhibitions for foreign and hungarian well-known photographers and also organizes photo competitions with more than 400 participants.

Come and have a look in our gallery in the second district of Budapest, Fő utca 73. Here you can choose from photographs with different topics and styles. You can find our range of photos in our homepage and also have some information about our programmes and exhibitions.

We hope to welcome you personally in our shop as well.



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